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São Paulo, 27 de Maio de 2020


P&A International

Parejo Cursos Jurídicos® is a company formed by people who have over 13 years of industry experience in the Brazilian surety and financial markets. Our highly qualified staff can assist your company with a wide array of matters before the Brazilian Government, suppliers, and customers. 


Parejo Advocacia® is our Law Division which specializes in Corporate Law, as well as Insurance and Reinsurance, provides superior quality legal services for: 

- Startup Companies 

- Contract Bond Claims 

- Subrogation and Recovery 

- Litigation Support 

- Insurance & Reinsurance Issues 

- Surety Bond in general (Bid/Tender Bonds, Performance Bonds, Payment Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, Supply Bonds, Claim Bonds, Completion Bonds, and other associated matters).

If you are interested in starting/increasing business in Brazil or even looking for local partnering, please call us for more information or to book a meeting.

Head Office 
87, Nova Independência St - 131 and 134  - Brooklin
Zip Code: 04570-000 
São Paulo, SP, Brazil 
Phone Numbers: 55 (11) 5505-2399


*Visit our Legal Pactice Site: 





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